Cauldron Care

     Let’s be honest with ourselves.  We don’t treat our cauldrons very well.  We burn all number of things in them from petition scrolls to candles.  We fill them with water for potions or scrying and cover the bottom in salt or sand and alcohol for cauldron fires, the later usually resulting in a nasty clean up job.  If you have an unpainted, cast iron cauldron and you haven’t seasoned it in a while (or ever), you’ve probably got a rusty mess on your hands (literally).


     Treat your cauldron as you would any other piece of cast iron cookware and season it.  This can be done whether the cauldron is new and has never been used, or if you have a hot mess on your hands like I did.

 Rusty Cast Iron Cauldron

 By Odin's Beard!  What have you done to this thing?!?!


  1. Start by thoroughly cleaning your cast iron cauldron – new or old. Scrub the entire cauldron with steel wool or a stiff bristled brush using hot water and a mild dish soap.
  2. Towel dry and place it on a warm stove top to ensure it dries completely. Leaving moisture in your cauldron promotes rusting.
  3. Once your cauldron is completely dry, use a paper towel to apply a thin layer of oil to every surface, even the outside and bottom. Make sure you do not overdo it with the oil as it will leave a sticky residue.  Vegetable oil is a practical choice for this process, but flaxseed has become popular as of late and is said to last longer.
  4. Line a cooking sheet with foil and place that on the bottom rack of your oven to catch oil drops. Place your cauldron upside down on the rack above the cooking sheet.  Bake the oil for 1 hour at the temperature specified in the list below (dependent upon which oil you use).  Allow the cauldron to remain in the oven afterwards to cool on its own.
  5. You may need to do this process a few times.



Smoke Point

Coconut (Unrefined)


Coconut (Refined)









 Seasoned Cauldron

We had to season this baby twice!


Maintenance & Tips

  • Clean your cauldron out immediately after use, scrubbing it with salt and hot water or a tiny bit of soap and hot water.
  • Towel dry thoroughly and leave it on a warm stove for a few minutes to allow the rest of the moisture to evaporate.
  • Never leave liquids in your cauldron.
  • Do not wash your cauldron in the dish washer.
  • Re-season if you notice any more rusting.