Color Correspondences

When doing any sort of magick, whether you are sending healing light, or working a money spell, it’s a good idea to incorporate elements which correspond with the type of energy you are sending. The following lists consist of correspondences generally accepted and used within the witch community and are by no means comprehensive. They are meant as a guide, not a rule. Remember to follow your instincts when it comes to magickal workings.

Red  Red - Action, Aggression, Courage, Motivation, Element of Fire, Lust, Masculine Divine, Passion, Physical Energy, Vigor, Will

Orange  Orange – Boosts Energy, Communication, Legal Matters, Memory, Mental Faculty, Solar Association

Gold  Gold – Masculine Divine, Personal Power, Prosperity, Solar Association, Success

  Yellow – Clarity, Communication, Element of Air, Intellect, Joy, Solar Association

Green  Green – Abundance, Element of Earth, Fertility, Growth, Healing, Life, Love, Mother Earth, Prosperity

Turquoise  Turquoise – Balance, Healing, Protection

Blue  Blue – Dream Work, Healing, Element of Water, Peace, Prosperity

Purple  Purple – Divinity, Psychic Abilities, Spiritual Peace and Balance, Spiritual Power

Indigo  Indigo – Psychic Energy, Visualization

Violet  Violet – Divinity, Psychic Abilities, Purification, Spiritual Power

Black  Black – Breaking Addictions, Dark and Underworld Deities, Healing, Meditation, Peace, Protection, Reflection

Brown  Brown – Element of Earth, Grounding, Healing for Animals, Material Gain

Pink  Pink – Joy, Love, Nurturing, Peace

Silver  Silver – Cycles, Dream Work, Emotional Stability, Feminine Divine, Intuition, Lunar Connections, Psychic Ability

White  White – Cleansing, Divinity, Healing, Protection, Purification – White is considered an all-purpose color.