The Four Hallows of Witchcraft – Earth & the Stone of Sovereignty

The Four Hallows of Witchcraft – Earth & the Stone of Sovereignty

                We place a stone or crystal in the north quadrant of our altar to represent the element of earth.  This is symbolic of the tangible manifestation of all elemental energy and the physical results of our work.  The stone is used to store and focus earth energy; to keep us grounded in the middle world and on task and to aid us in manifestation in all areas of our lives.  It is a sturdy foundation, one
born of endurance and strength.  Though some would associate strength with the willfulness and passion of the element of fire, I feel it also belongs to the earth when examining the timelessness and immovability of a mountain.  Earth magick centers around our own physical manifestations, that of ourselves and our home:  our health, the roof over our heads, the food upon our tables, and the amenities and luxuries we splurge on to bring us joy and comfort.

Lily's Stone of Sovereignty

                There are a few other items commonly found on a witch’s altar as a vessel and conduit for earth energy.  A bowl of dirt, salt, or sand can easily suffice, though the later doesn’t work for me after having considered the instability of shifting sands.

                Each of the suits in a tarot deck has a corresponding element with coins, disks, or pentacles being linked with the element of earth and dealing with financial matters, material possessions, and practical concerns.  Some witches may work with a special coin and others with a pentacle or paten.  When studying the pentacle, we learn that each of the points themselves are associated with an element and is therefore representative of all the elements.  For this reason I do not use a pentacle as my symbol for earth.

                My studies with The Temple of Witchcraft have brought deeper meaning of the elements, their lessons, and corresponding tools.  The Tuatha Dé Danann’s Stone of Fal (also called the Stone of Destiny) was a magickal stone that cried out when the rightful king stood upon it.  Some sources state that the stone had regenerative powers and the ability to bless the king with a long reign.  A king is master and ruler, sovereign of himself and his people.  An important and necessary part of a witch’s evolution is the mastery and sovereignty of self.  We work to ensure that we are not giving our power away to others, that we are in charge of our lives and are taking responsibility for our actions and manifestations.  We search, claim, and stand upon our Stone of Sovereignty through careful introspection and work in our craft and we place our Stone of Sovereignty in the north of our altar not only to store and direct energy, but as a reminder of that personal power or as a call to action if we feel we’ve lost our ground.