The Four Hallows of Witchcraft – Fire and the Spear of Victory


Rosewood Twisted Copper Wand             We place a wand in the south quadrant of our altar to represent the element of fire, though some witches reverse the tools associated with the fire and air and place it in the east.  Fire is energy and represents the transition that takes place between a resource or talent as it is being transformed into action.  Fire is will and passion and without those things, we are only fuel with no flame.  Where we put our passion and willpower varies from one person to another – throwing our enthusiasm toward a job, hobby, or our craft.  When immersing ourselves in that particular activity, we burn our hottest and shine our brightest.  A witch uses a fire tool to drive and direct will.  If we are not passionate enough or lack the will to control ourselves, our actions and words, then we will fail in our magick and in all other aspects of our lives.  In this sense, fire is an animating force and some would also connect it with life force and spirit.

                There are two tools a witch commonly uses in association with fire, the wand or the staff.  A pointed finger can do the same job in a pinch.  An acceptable length of a wand is typically measured as the distance between your middle finger and elbow.  Wands are made from all manner of materials including wood, metal, and glass and are adorned with crystals, stones, runes, and feathers.  The material used in the makeup of the wand and it’s décor tend to have a specific focus and can help magnify any work you do in that corresponding area in the same manner other magickal correspondences work.  While wands are commonly used for circle casting and generalized energy directing or charging, they can also be utilized for healing.  The wand is used for more precise work while the staff is considered stronger, but less precise.

                When seeking the Spear of Victory, we must find our True Will.  The Tuatha Dé Danann’s Spear of Lug(h) was said to be such a powerful weapon that no battle could be won against it and no man could stand against the one wielding it.  The spear ends in a point.  It is a focused weapon, wielded with single-minded ambition.  To hit your target you must be precise with your aim.  When we work our magick, we must be direct with our intentions and focus our will on that single outcome.  To decipher and follow one’s True Will and obtain the Spear of Victory, we must be just as focused and adamant.  We search, claim, and wield our Spear of Victory through careful introspection and work in our craft and we place our Spear of Victory in the south of our altar not only to store and direct energy, but as a reminder that we cannot be victorious lest we apply ourselves and direct our will toward our goals.

Rosewood Snake Wand