In my studies with the Temple of Witchcraft, we’ve been trained to use instant magick with a pre-programmed trigger – generally a subtle hand gesture backed with intention.  The instant magick is used in times of need when a full-out ritual isn’t possible, like for weather magick, when you’re parked ten blocks away during a downpour and forgot your umbrella, or when you know you’ll have to park ten blocks away and that just won’t cut it - you pull your trigger and intend to find a close parking spot, visualizing yourself having already claimed your rock-star parking. 

Or, as in my own case, the acting High Priestess asks you to arrive early to assist her with ritual cleansing and set-up for Ostara and you, being a complete jerk, don’t leave in time to arrive at the appointed hour.  So I did what any trained witch would do, pulled my trigger and intended to either arrive by 5 p.m. or at least before she did.  What I didn’t do was add that little safety net in, “for my highest good, harming none”.  This is unusual for me, as the safety net is as in-grained in me as the trigger, or at least I thought so.  But I was frazzled having already left later that I’d planned and had to stop for the ice, a compliment to the warm 2-liters rolling around in the bottom of my car and my sad contribution to the potluck. 

The High Priestess called me exactly 5 minutes before our appointed meeting time to explain she was running late.

 “Phew!  Because I’m going to be late too,” I fist pumped the air and congratulated myself for my successful trigger without considering what I’d done to the unsuspecting HP.

“You cursed me!” she laughed.  “My child has lost his mind!”  She continued to explain that all hell had broken loose at her house ten minutes before her intended time of departure and that she’d had the car packed and ready to go for hours.

That’s when I realized I’d failed to cast the safety net.  I apologized and explained my faux pas and she reminded me that my little mess up put me in the position of moving around a massive amount of chairs by myself.  That was the beginning of the energy return.  We laughed at this and I managed to arrive only 5 minutes late. 

I did indeed have to do all the furniture moving solo and this included a rather heavy piano that someone had lovingly turned into an ancestor shrine of sorts, complete with a photo, candles, and an old quilt draped over the top to hang off the back.  I didn’t want to roll over the quilt, so I moved it off the ground and was instantly hit with the rest of the energy return – there, under the quilt, was the corpse of a squirrel.  As soon as I’d disturbed the fabric, the smell hit me.  I was as respectful as one can be with the remains of stinky, old, dead squirrel and committed its little body to the bushes in the backyard, but I wasn’t happy about it.

While I don’t believe in the exactness of the “Law of Three”, I do believe that what goes around comes around.  In my training as a witch I’ve been taught that my energy is the same as everyone else’s energy and that we are all connected in our sameness.  I don’t look at the “Law of Return” as a system of reward and punishment, but simply as a cycle of cause and effect.  Anything we do will have an effect on ourselves, others, and/or our environment to varying degrees.  I cast a spell without a safety net and caused my High Priestess to be late for ritual set up; therefore I was left to do much of the work, including ridding the building of a dead animal.  The spell was the cause and the aftermath the effect of my actions.  Let this tale be a reminder in your own work; use a safety net, unless you’re into that kind of thing. ;)

Brightest Blessings,

Muse Lily