The Lesson of Aquarius

Date Range: January 20 – February 18
Symbol: Water Bearer
Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Planet: Saturn - Uranus
Tarot: The Star


Traits and Characteristics

Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer who nourishes the world by continuously providing such essential fluid.  This is fitting for the humanitarian minded sign that altruistically shares time and ideas for the betterment of the world.  Aquarius comes in two different flavors – the shy and quiet sort and the livelier and rather eccentric type.  Both versions are progressive, constantly pushing for change and betterment.  They despise limitations and will not be constrained.  This lends to their philanthropic work as they strive for freedom and equality, not only for themselves, but for everyone.  Aquarius is a problem solver; this sign is able to see both sides of the situation and offer an impartial opinion.  

Saturn, Aquarius’s original ruling planet, may have a hand in the sign’s uncompromising nature.  There exists a frustrating need to be right and a distaste for anyone who would say otherwise.  The Water Bearer was later assigned to Uranus which is responsible for the sign’s visionary qualities and more eccentric behavior.  This influence is no surprise as it comes from a planet that orbits sideways.  The revolutionary Uranus is also responsible for the rebellious sign’s need to test boundaries and push beyond. 

Aquarius is an air sign with a keen intellect and a strong need for open and honest communication.  They like to surround themselves with people and are great at rallying the troops for social causes or political reasons.  However, the need for social interaction is a double-edged blade for the Aquarius, as they can be quite standoffish when it comes to forming close bonds with others.  The Water Bearer shies away from intimacy with an attitude that seems cold to the outsider, but is really a defense mechanism for this cautious sign.     

Just because Aquarius is slow to open up to others does not mean that they are closed to affectionate relationships.  You won’t win the friendship or love of an Aquarius lest you possess a creative and sharp mind.  Integrity is also an important factor in winning over the Water Bearer.  Whether you’re looking for friendship or love, with patience, you’ll have won a noble partner.  Aquarius is loyal and committed in relationships.  If you’re looking for a clingy or possessive partner, you will not find it in the Aquarius due to their need for independence.


The Work

We forgo the formal ritual, as we did in our work with Sagittarius, in lieu of action.  Our inspiration stems from Aquarius’s humanitarianism in a movement to better our community -  organization, party, club, neighborhood, state, or even the global community.  Big thinkers with resources and preexisting ideas may wish to fully embrace their inner Water Bearer in the spirit of community building and form an awareness group, committee, charity, or other philanthropic organization.  For the rest, a heartfelt and passionate donation of time and/or resources to founded groups will suffice.  Consider your local options, awareness movements, charities, and environmental concerns.  Write a well-planned letter to your local government officials or begin a petition.  Communication is key.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your options or aren’t inspired, try a meditation beforehand.  This will also help in the planning stages of larger endeavors if you’ve decided to blaze the trail yourself.

You could consult the Greek Titan Uranus – aka Father Sky – who is both son and husband to the Earth Mother, Gaia.  He was rather fond of the creation process, but never terribly fond of his creations.  If consulting an insecure sky god who imprisoned his children doesn’t suit your fancy, I recommend a chat with the Titan Prometheus.  This guy leveled the playing field like any good Aquarius would.  He was considered a renegade by his peers and was punished for defying his fellow gods and gifting humanity with fire.

Time: In a waxing moon if you wish to grow/start something or a waning moon if you are working to eradicate something.

Remember that change takes time and commitment.  Transformation generally requires more than a single application.