The Lesson of Aries

Date Range: March 21 - April 19
Symbol: Ram
Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Planet: Mars
Tarot: The Emperor


Traits and Characteristics

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which is quite suitable as Aries people like to be the first in everything. The sun moves into Aries at the Spring Equinox, giving it a cardinal quality and furthering the initiatory energy so evident in the sign.  Aries are willful and determined and take much from their symbol - the Ram - an aggressive and unstoppable force known for headbutting anything standing in the way.  The brave Aries is not afraid to jump headfirst into a new project, to initiate and realize a dream, solve a dilemma, or blaze a trail.  However, the impatient Aries tends to have difficulty embracing the wisdom to “look before you leap”.  This can be problematic for the impulsive Ram when their well-intended energy carries them in the wrong direction.  No matter the outcome, the Ram will never regret their actions, reckless or not, as any action is better than none.  However, Aries can be a poor loser and become moody and short-tempered when things do not go their way.     

As the first of the fire signs, Aries is the lit match that begins an inferno.  Trendsetters and trailblazers, they are naturally charismatic and highly competitive, fueling their own need for success as well as those around them.  They are optimistic and confident in themselves and in their endeavors and are known for tirelessly juggling several projects at once. 

This unending energy and competitive nature can be a bit much for some people.  Aries are not known for their teamwork and must take care not to become self-centered or bossy.  However, their tendency for leadership and independence as well as their never-ending drive for success makes them excellent in management or other competitive and challenging fields such as medicine, sports, law-enforcement and the military.  As a risk-taker, the Ram doesn’t mind spending their hard-earned cash and can be a little irresponsible with the finances.  It’s a good thing the accomplished Aries doesn’t sit idle or the Ram wouldn’t be able to make up for such spontaneous spending.

Aries value honesty and are blunt with their communications.  Their direct nature can be off-putting for some, but the Ram is just as quick to compliment as they are to criticize.  They also appreciate the same unambiguous communication from others.  Aries enjoy meeting new people.  They like to surround themselves with a variety of different personalities and tend toward large social circles.  They prefer to take the lead when it comes to romance and are not afraid to express their feelings.  However, their impetuous side can lead them to move too quickly in this area.  The passionate Ram’s fires burn bright and hot, leading them to be a bit excessive in their affections.  This also means that the Ram has a tendency to be led by the loins.  Aries look toward partners that can keep up with their desires and have enough energy to keep those fires fed.


Cauldron Fire


The Work

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and embodied in the warrior archetype.  The nature of the ram, the symbol of Aries, is to charge forward.  Aries greatest challenge is fear and they overcome this obstacle through will and action by meeting those fears head-on.  The warrior knows fear and yet has the discipline to train mind, body, and soul, to charge past this fear to reach a goal.  Just like Aries, the warrior must possess great vigor and courage.  A warrior is someone with the determination, the will, and the discipline to bring about change and transformation.  In our tradition, you often find people that are uncomfortable with the concept of the warrior and yet some of those qualities are parallel to those found in a witch or magick worker.

What is a spiritual warrior? 

The Tibetan Buddhists would say that a spiritual warrior combats personal ignorance and while the witch’s path is not the same as the Buddhist, I would agree with this concept.  Witches are seekers, seeking the outer mysteries, but also the inner mysteries through introspection and meditation.  We challenge our fears, our beliefs, and our own untruths. 

You will journey to meet a war god and examine your own battles and strategies and then do a working to strengthen those strategies and aid in your own personal battles.

*** Please note that we will be making a cauldron fire for this work.  Working with fire can be dangerous and this spellwork is not intended to be done by minors.  You will need a cast iron cauldron (which will become super-heated) on a non-flammable surface (like a trivet, large stone, or brick).  Do not attempt to make a cauldron fire near cloth, paper, or any other flammable objects.  It’s also a good idea to forgo the robe or any other form of lose clothing and to tie your hair back.  Be sure to have a large lid or pan nearby to snuff out the fire if need be.  Never leave the fire unattended. ***

You may wish to add a little kick to your cauldron fire by steeping some fire herbs in the rubbing alcohol ahead of time.  Always be sure to research your herbs before using them as some may be poisonous or release harmful fumes when burned.  Allow the herbs to soak for at least a week.  They may be strained out before the spell if you wish or left in the alcohol to be burned in the cauldron.  Please note that large pieces of herb will burn hotter and possibly spark or pop if left in the mixture.


Suggested Fire Herbs: Nettle, Basil, Thistle, Cinnamon



Cast Iron Cauldron

Epsom Salt

Long Candle Lighter (or a long-stemmed match if you prefer)

Measuring Cup

Rubbing Alcohol (with or without herbs)

Trivet or another fireproof surface

Small slip of paper

Pen (red is good)

Piece of red thread (cut large enough to fasten the paper into a scroll)


Pre-spell Work

<Measure equal parts Epsom salt and alcohol, pouring the Epsom salt in the bottom of the cauldron first.  Do not overfill the cauldron.  You will need to leave at least half of the cauldron empty.  While the salt helps to slow the burn, an unequal portion of alcohol to salt or an overfilled cauldron can cause the fire to burn out of control.  Make sure your cauldron is placed on the fire proof surface before you begin the spellwork.>


Circle Cast

I cast this circle for my protection, from all harm, on all levels.

I cast this circle to allow in only those energies and entities for my highest good.

I cast this circle to form a space beyond space, a time beyond time, a place in which perfect love and perfect trust reign supreme.


Quarter Calls

To the Guardian of the North and Earth, I bid you join my circle and offer your protection.  Aid me in grounding myself once the work here is completed.  Hail and Welcome!


To the Guardian of the East and Air, I bid you join my circle and offer your protection.  Help me to see clearly the strategies best suited for my situation.  Hail and Welcome!


To the Guardian of the South and Fire, I bid you join my circle and offer your protection.  Kindle my will and embolden my actions.  Hail and Welcome!


To the Guardian of the West and Water, I bid you join my circle and offer your protection.  Keep love in my heart as I face my fears.  Hail and Welcome!


Evocation of Deity

I acknowledge and honor the Great Spirit and Creator, Cauldron of the Universe, you who are all, above and below, within and without, life and death

And from you, the two who move as one

The Goddess, who is Maiden, Mother, and Crone

And the God, who is both Hunter and Hunted, Singer and Song

Join me for this working.

Hail and Welcome!


Evocation of Aries Energy

And though the energy of Aries currently influences our world at this time, I give formal invitation that it may aid in my work.  Hail and Welcome!


Naming the Work

It is my intention to pair with the energy of Aries as I seek to meet a War God and strengthen my own warrior energy.

The Meditation

This meditation is to seek out a warrior god that will instruct you for your highest good.  Before we begin, I want you to ask yourself what it is that you fight FOR.  Or maybe there is something you SHOULD be fighting for.  Are you rushing in blindly, fueled on raw emotion or are you using intellect and strategy in your attacks and defense?

<Use whatever means work best for you to count yourself down into meditation>

You find yourself on the edge of a battlefield; you hear the war drums beating in your ears like the pulse of your blood.  A figure comes toward you, emerging from the smoke.  It may be the Greek Ares or Athena or the Roman Mars - maybe the Norse Odin, Tyr, or Freya, or the Celtic Morrigan.  Introduce yourself.  Talk with the god, tell your own story, and explain what you’re fighting for and how you’re fighting that battle.  Do they have any insight for you?  Any instruction or strategy to share?  Is there something you can change in the way you think or the way you are approaching the battle that may help you gain ground?

Thank the god for their insight and leave an offering if you’re called to do so.


Raising Energy

<As Aries is one of the most active signs, I suggest you raise the energy in a very active manner by using dance or some other form of movement.>



  • Light the cauldron fire.
  • Hold in your mind what it is you are fighting FOR. If it’s changed with your meditation, hold that new concept in your mind.
  • Write the thing you’re fighting FOR on the slip of paper and roll it into a scroll. Tie it with the piece of red thread.
  • Very carefully put the scroll into the cauldron fire while holding the completed intention in your mind, releasing the energy as your scroll burns to ashes.


Giving Thanks

I offer my thanks to the energy and wisdom of Aries.


De-vocation of Deity

I give thanks to the Great Spirit, Goddess, and God for joining me in this working.  Stay if you will, go if you must!


Release Quarters

To the Guardian of the North and Earth, I thank you for your presence and aid in my working.  Hail and Farewell!


To the Guardian of the West and Water, I thank you for your presence and aid in my working.  Hail and Farewell!


To the Guardian of the South and Fire, I thank you for your presence and aid in my working.  Hail and Farewell!


To the Guardian of the East and Air, I thank you for your presence and aid in my working.  Hail and Farewell!


Release the Circle


The circle is open, but unbroken. 


Salt and Ash disposal

Do not attempt to clean your cauldron out until it has cooled completely.  Ensure that it will remain undisturbed on the fireproof surface (and away from flammable materials) until it has cooled down.  If your work was done to combat something or get rid of it, you will need to dispose of the salt and ashes away from your home.  Always be respectful of another person’s property and the environment. 

The salt is very hard to clean from the cauldron and unfortunately, you may need to use water to get it all out.  We all know that water and cast iron do not mix.  If you find yourself with a rusty cauldron afterwards, consult the blog "Cauldron Care" to help re-season it.