The Lesson of Capricorn

Date Range: December 21 – January 19
Symbol: Sea-Goat
Element: Earth
Quality: Cardinal
Planet: Saturn
Tarot: The Devil


Traits and Characteristics

The symbol of Capricorn is a mythological creature - the sea-goat - having the upper body of a goat and the tail of a fish.  The upper half of the creature is fairly fitting for the Capricorn – like the goat who carefully climbs the mountain side always moving forward one carefully planned step at a time, the Capricorn is ever moving toward their goals.  The second half of the creature is a bit more puzzling as the Capricorn can come off as cold and unsympathetic at times.  This isn’t to say the earth sign has no emotional depth, only that it lies beneath the surface.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, known for its restrictive nature.  This is apparent in Capricorns most striking trait - discipline.  Sea-Goats are incredibly responsible and have a strong sense of self-control.  They are known for their great accomplishments, achieving whatever they’ve set out to realize.  This comes as no surprise as they are prone to meticulous planning followed by determined and tireless action.  They are resourceful, always finding the right tool to get the job done.  The Goat will take the most direct path toward any given goal and there is no obstacle big enough to keep them from it.  Capricorns make great leaders and managers as they are remarkably good at recognizing and utilizing other people’s strengths to accomplish their goals.  The downside of Saturn’s influence is that Capricorn can be distant and unforgiving at times.

Capricorn is an earth sign with a heavy focus on the material world.  With their careful planning and focused action toward long-term goals, they are able to make the most of their surroundings.  Capricorns tend to have nice things and substantial savings.  They’ve worked damned hard to get where they are.  The solid influence of the element of earth makes the Capricorn stubborn.  This helps the Goat keep on track, but can wreak havoc on interpersonal relationships.  Their traditional values coupled with an un-moving nature means Capricorn may not be terribly accepting of things that do not fit their perspective.  The Goat can be forceful in his/her attempts to enlighten.

Capricorns cherish family and are prone to keep a small social circle.  They value loyalty and hard work in others, traits found in themselves.  They do not fall in love quickly or easily, but are very committed when they do. 

The Work

We all like to make New Year’s resolutions, but most of us are not so great at staying focused on our goal.  By the third week of January that diet is out the door and the gym membership a faint memory.  Our work here will ensure that we carry the discipline of Capricorn into Aquarius and beyond to accomplish our long-term goals for the coming year. 

One of Capricorn’s strengths and tools of success is planning.  You will begin with a goal and make a solid plan to insure success.  Write it out, post it on the fridge, in your smart phone, make a banner if that helps.  If you’re going to lose weight, make a list of ways you will make this happen.  The magick only works if you back it with action.  Will you exercise?  What days and how long?  What exercises will you do?  Are you going to change your eating habits?  Have you taken the time to educate yourself on the best foods to eat and the proper amounts?  Have you found or made recipes?  Planned shopping lists?  Rid your cabinets of the things that may lead you astray?  What will you do if you go out to eat?  Go on vacation?  Mess up and eat a Butterfinger?  All of these things need to be considered and considered carefully.  Know where your weaknesses are and make a plan to deal with them.

For the work, you will be burying an item that represents your resolution.  Our color correspondence list may help you decide what that object should be.  If all else fails, write it on a piece of construction paper and tie it into a scroll, closing the scroll with a piece of ribbon, string, or twine.  Consider if your spell is meant to draw something to you (money, success, love) or send it away from you (debt, a bad habit, a toxic relationship).  For drawing work, you will bury the item near your front door or in a potted plant inside your home or on your porch.  If you are sending something away from you, the item should be buried away from you, somewhere you aren’t prone to go again.  Please make sure you are not trespassing on anyone’s property or breaking any other laws when you discard of the item.

Also note that you do not have to do your spell work in the location you are discarding the item.  Do the work ahead of time and take your item where it needs to be buried.


Best Time:  New Year’s Eve



Something that represents your goal – if you are using the scroll method it is advised that you write on and scroll the paper while in circle to give more energy to your goal.

A place to bury that something


Circle Cast

I cast this circle for my protection, from all harm, on all levels.

I cast this circle to allow in only those energies and entities for my highest good.

I cast this circle to form a space beyond space, a time beyond time, a place in which perfect love and perfect trust reign supreme.


Quarter Calls

To the Guardian of the North and Earth, I bid you join my circle and offer your protection.  Aid me in the manifestation of my work in the realm of Capricorn.  Hail and Welcome!


To the Guardian of the East and Air, I bid you join my circle and offer your protection.  Help me to see clearly and remain focused on my path to success.  Hail and Welcome!


To the Guardian of the South and Fire, I bid you join my circle and offer your protection.  Let my passion burn brightly as I work toward my goal.  Hail and Welcome!


To the Guardian of the West and Water, I bid you join my circle and offer your protection.  Keep love in my heart as I make these needed changes.  Hail and Welcome!


Evocation of Deity

I acknowledge and honor the Great Spirit and Creator, Cauldron of the Universe, you who are all, above and below, within and without, life and death

And from you, the two who move as one

The Goddess, who is Maiden, Mother, and Crone

And the God, who is both Hunter and Hunted, Singer and Song

Join me for this working.

Hail and Welcome!


Evocation of Capricorn Energy

And though the energy of Capricorn currently influences our world at this time, I give formal invitation that it may aid in my work.  Hail and Welcome!


Naming the Work

It is my intention to pair with the energy of Capricorn as I seek to [discard/manifest] this [imbalance/aspect] in the coming year.


Energy Raising

<Use your favorite form of energy raising here: dance, chant, drumming, incense, etc.> 

The Work

<At the peak of your energy raising, hold the item in your hand and visualize yourself having accomplished your goal.  Put all the energy and fire you have into that intention and place that energy into the item.  You may wish to make a statement at this time.  Always speak of your goal as if it were already accomplished – “I am healthy”, “I am free”, “I am a positive person”.>


I offer my thanks to the energy and wisdom of Capricorn.


De-vocation of Deity

I give thanks to the Great Spirit, Goddess, and God for joining me in this working.  Stay if you will, go if you must!


Release Quarters

To the Guardian of the North and Earth, I thank you for your presence and aid in my working.  Hail and Farewell!


To the Guardian of the West and Water, I thank you for your presence and aid in my working.  Hail and Farewell!


To the Guardian of the South and Fire, I thank you for your presence and aid in my working.  Hail and Farewell!


To the Guardian of the East and Air, I thank you for your presence and aid in my working.  Hail and Farewell!


Release the Circle


The circle is open, but unbroken. 


Be sure to bury your item as soon as you can and stay focused on your plan for success.