The Lesson of Sagittarius

Date Range: November 22 – December 21
Symbol: Archer
Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable
Planet: Jupiter
Tarot: Temperance / Art

Traits and Characteristics

Sagittarius carries the label of the happiest of the zodiac signs with their optimism, enthusiasm, and outgoing personalities.  Sags are extroverts who makes friends easily, often entertaining with a great sense of humor and shameless antics.  The symbol of Sagittarius is the centaur archer and by extension, the arrow.  The archer’s arrows are symbolic of a number of Sagittarius’s traits including travel and the sign’s overwhelming need for exploration and truth-seeking.  Sagittarius shares the same abundant energy as its next-door neighbor, Scorpio, but uses this energy to transform the outer world as well as the inner.  Sagittarius are seekers and adventurers.  They adore world travel and learning about different cultures, philosophies, and religions.  Their enthusiasm for learning, philosophical views and open-minded nature feeds their curiosity and deep yearning to discover the mysteries of life.  Like the arrow that flies straight toward its target, Sagittarius has a very fair-minded and direct nature.  It’s refreshing to be able to depend on the honesty of a Sag, but their outspokenness can also lend to a tactless faux pas in social situations.  Sagittarius is a bit of a perfectionist, shooting for the stars in every task they take on.  Their determination to succeed in any given goal is admirable and Sag is usually up for the task, but they can be overconfident at times and promise a little more than they can deliver. 

Sagittarius is a risk-taker that likes change and loves freedom.  This can translate into a busy and exciting life style.  The wise Sag must take care against making reckless decisions or becoming too impatient with details or with those around them as they are always ready to try something new.  While they make friends effortlessly and are very dedicated to their family, Sag has an argumentative side and are prone to lecture.  However, their constant striving for knowledge and insatiable quest for the new makes the Sagittarius an inspiring and encouraging person to have in your life.  They are also known for their generosity.   

Sagittarius’s need to keep it fresh and willingness to try new and different things make them very open-minded in the bedroom.  They seek partners who are in alignment with their own humorous and playful natures and choose lovers who are intellectual and expressive.  It is unwise to try to pin a Sagittarius down as they do not like clingy people and always need their freedom.  With that being said, you needn’t fear the faithfulness of a Sagittarius, as a Sag in love is dedicated and loyal.


The Work

This month's work is not a ritual, but a call for exploration.  We will kindle the fiery Sag's inquisitive nature and endless quest for knowledge.  Take some time to consider those things you've been curious about, but have never taken the time to examine.  Now is the time to re-prioritize and familiarize yourself with the unknown.  Is there a culture, religion, or subject that intrigues you?  Or perhaps there's some local place you've wanted to experience?  You might also consider topics that frighten you.  Educating yourself may help to curtail that fear. 

If nothing springs to mind, a meditation is always helpful.  In the spirit of Sagittarius, light a red candle and speak your intention aloud before beginning your journey.