The Lesson of Scorpio

Date Range: October 23 – November 21
Symbol: Scorpion / Eagle
Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Planet: Mars, Pluto
Tarot: Death

Traits and Characteristics

The sun moves into Scorpio in the fall, when the world around us has ceased to grow and we begin to prepare ourselves for the coming darkness.  The witch’s beloved Sabbat of Samhain falls in Scorpio and shares some of that same energy.  Scorpio is a water sign with a complicated nature.  The meaning behind its symbols is a complex one and must be considered to find understanding.  Why represent a water sign with a scorpion that would probably be better associated with the element of fire, or a bird, which surely must be in alignment with air?  Scorpio is a sign of life, death, and rebirth - a continuous cycle of transformation.  In truth, Scorpio comes in four different flavors.  If we look to the more popular representation of the sign, the scorpion, we find a poisonous creature with its own transformative solution in the form of venom.  The poison of certain species is capable of banishing us from the mortal coil for good, while in smaller doses (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, FOLKS) it can provide a less permanent trip to the spiritual realm.  The second incarnation of Scorpio is the poisonous water snake, another venomous creature though more intuitively connected than the scorpion.  We find the Scorpio’s need for truth in its third incarnation, the majestic eagle who soars above the land.  The eagle’s keen sight gives us a hint into the intense and focused soul of the Scorpio.  The last transformation is the phoenix who rises from the ashes to be born again, a true indicator of the signs determination and some would say stubborn personality.

There’s a proverb that perfectly describes Scorpio – Still waters run deep.

Scorpio is probably the most mysterious of the zodiac signs.  They have a very secretive nature and earning their trust is no easy task.  Kudos if you’ve managed to win a Scorpio’s confidence; you have made a friend for life.  But woe to the one who would betray that faith.  Scorpios are synonymous with revenge and they are not quick to forgive. 

Despite their guarded approach to familiarity, the Scorpio seeks intimacy above all else.  If you wish to win over a Scorpio, you’ll have to be honest and as spirited as they are.  Scorpios are not interested in passive people. They seek an assertive personality to match their own.  They are passionate, sensual lovers who are dedicated and faithful to their partners, though this can border on obsession and possessiveness if left unchecked.  They are also known for their jealousy. 

Scorpio’s desire, while certainly a force in the realm of the sensual, resonates throughout their entire existence.  They have a strong focus and a stubborn determination as well as a resourcefulness that allows for the relentless pursuit of their goals.  Scorpio’s need for control makes them suited for management, but their need may become problematic if not balanced. 

Facts and truth are an essential part of Scorpio’s world.  While their own secrets are carefully guarded, this sign lives to discover yours.  They are excellent detectives and will dive to unimaginable depths to uncover the truth. 

As a water sign, Scorpio has an emotional side, but unlike Cancer and Pisces who wear their hearts on their sleeves, Scorpio’s feelings are repressed, hidden away from all but a special few to see.  In its tireless quest to lay bare the secrets of others, this sign also examines its own inner workings.  This brave sign is quick to explore the dark caverns of their own mind, unafraid to sift through the murky waters of emotion.  Scorpio is an intense and intuitive sign. 


The Work

Scorpio work is shadow work, not for the faint of heart.  We must approach it in the spirit of the sign with a thirst for authenticity and a brave heart.  In order to be successful, we must move forward with the wisdom of our own strength.  Consider yourself warned, if you cannot plumb the depths of self, you will not be successful.  If you fear the truth, you may want to skip this working. 

A hallmark of Scorpio is honesty.  How can we be honest with others if we are not honest with ourselves?  Too often we tell ourselves little lies or ignore red flags or warning bells to keep up our comfortable fictions.  Honesty is also a very important aspect of witchcraft.  If we expect our intentions to be taken seriously during spell-work, we must always say what we mean.  If we are spouting untruths to the outside world and in our own heads, we create confusion in our mundane and magickal lives.

For our Scorpio work we will carefully examine our inner selves to illuminate those things we may not be being terribly honest about with ourselves.  We will dive about in the ocean of self and kick up things that have long settled to the bottom.  We may come to some astonishing revelations after casting light upon those shadowy parts of self, those things we normally only look at out of the corner of our eye.



Night - Full moon with sun in Scorpio or try it when the full moon is in Scorpio



A black bowl filled with water or a scrying mirror or ball

Black candle

A comfortable spot to sit while being able to gaze into the bowl

Optional: Music or ambient sounds and incense


Lights Out

  • You’ll want to turn off the lights for this one. You may have a working candle lit as a guide around the circle.

Circle Cast

I cast this circle for my protection, from all harm, on all levels.

I cast this circle to allow in only those energies and entities for my highest good.

I cast this circle to form a space beyond space, a time beyond time, a place in which perfect love and perfect trust reign supreme.


Quarter Calls

To the Guardian of the North and Earth, I bid you join my circle and offer your protection.  Aid me in the manifestation of my work in the realm of Scorpio.  Hail and Welcome!


To the Guardian of the East and Air, I bid you join my circle and offer your protection.  Help me to see clearly those things I was once unable to discern.  Hail and Welcome!


To the Guardian of the South and Fire, I bid you join my circle and offer your protection.  Help me burn away falsehood while kindling passion for the truth.  Hail and Welcome!


To the Guardian of the West and Water, I bid you join my circle and offer your protection.  Keep love in my heart as I make this journey.  Hail and Welcome!


Evocation of Deity

I call and honor the Great Spirit, Cauldron of the Universe, you who are all, above and below, within and without, life and death

And from you, the two who move as one

The Goddess, who is Maiden, Mother, and Crone

And the God, who is both Hunter and Hunted, Singer and Song

Join me for this working.

Hail and Welcome!


Evocation of Scorpio Energy

And though the energy of Scorpio currently influences our world at this time, I give formal invitation that it may aid in my work.  Hail and Welcome!


Naming the Work

It is my intention to pair with the energy of Scorpio to examine my inner self in order to become aware of those things I may not have been honest with myself about.

Ritual Consciousness

<For this working we will move ourselves into a ritual consciousnesses, but not a full meditation mindset.  If you find yourself moving deeper during your working, do not stop the process.>

  • Take a deep breath, pulling sky energy down into your crown chakra and feel it move through your body to be released into the earth. Release the worries and thoughts of the day.
  • Take a deep breath, pulling earth energy up through your feet and feel it move through your body to be released into the sky. Release the tension in your body.
  • Take a deep breath, pulling the love of the gods and/or your guides in through your heart chakra and allow that energy to move up through your crown and down through your feet.
  • Take a few moments to relax every part of your body, starting at your head and moving down to your toes. It may take longer to relax any of your trouble spots.  Be patient with yourself.
  • With deep, even breathing, count yourself down into a pre-meditative state. For the sake of balance, my own tradition uses a 12-step count for god energy, visualizing the numbers as they work themselves down to one.  This brings a ritual mindset. 
  • State your intention to be safe and successful in your work.


The Work

  • Light the candle and place it far enough away from the bowl of water that it doesn’t cast a shine upon the surface. You may wish to put it behind you or above you.  Make sure you extinguish the working candle if you lit one.
  • It is a good idea at this point to call your guides or gods to be with you as you take this journey. Put forth the intention that this work will be done as gently and as gracefully as possible.
  • Continue your deep breathing and gaze into the water, allowing your eyesight to soften. Hold the intention in your mind to see yourself with clear vision.  Some may see the images upon the water’s surface, others will see it with their mind.  Be patient with yourself.
  • Feel yourself drawn into the waters of your own emotions, dive, paddle, and swim your way through the depths, allowing your own inner light to illuminate the dark corners. Sift through the sands and silt and be forthright about what you see.  Have you been dishonest with yourself about a decision, situation, or a person in your life?  You are safe here and these realizations, while painful, are necessary and can only aid you.
  • When you have seen all that you are able to, be sure to thank you guides and gods for their assistance and support.


I offer my thanks to the energy and wisdom of Scorpio.


De-vocation of Deity

I give thanks to the Great Spirit, Goddess, and God for joining me in this working.  Stay if you will, go if you must!


Release Quarters

To the Guardian of the North and Earth, I thank you for your presence and aid in my working.  Hail and Farewell!


To the Guardian of the West and Water, I thank you for your presence and aid in my working.  Hail and Farewell!


To the Guardian of the South and Fire, I thank you for your presence and aid in my working.  Hail and Farewell!


To the Guardian of the East and Air, I thank you for your presence and aid in my working.  Hail and Farewell!


Release the Circle


The circle is open, but unbroken. 



Shadow work can be painful, but it is necessary work.  Take some time to process what you’ve seen in the waters.  You may want to do some follow up work with your guides and gods or even to discuss the matter with close and trusted family and/or friends.  Make sure you also set aside some time for yourself - a hearty meal at your favorite restaurant, a bubble bath, or a good movie.  Always remember to be kind to yourself.