Tarot Decks & Other Card Sets

Tarot card decks are used for fortune telling and divination work.  Typical decks contain four suits associated with the elements – pentacles, coins, or disks for earth, swords for air, wands, rods, or staves for fire, and cups for water.  Each of the suits (also referred to as the Minor Arcana) contain ten pip cards (ace through 10) and four face or court cards (generally listed as the Page, Knight, Queen and King).  The minor arcana is said to highlight those things in our life that are temporary or only of minor influence.  Decks also contain 22 trump cards (numbered 0 to 21)  known as the Major Arcana which are said to highlight more important and deeper lessons.

Oracle and Lenormand decks are also used in divination work, but do not follow the same outline or set of rules that tarot decks follow.