Marriage / Couple Candle

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  • Approximately 7 1/2" Tall

Suggested Uses for White Marriage/Couple Candle

  • Attracting a new or unknown lover
  • Sanctifying a marriage
  • Pursuing a marriage

Suggested Uses for Black Marriage/Couple Candle

  • Protects the marriage from any outside forces
  • Peace, harmony in a marriage or union of couples relationship
  • To assist in helping you leave or break the relationship
  • To cause harm or damage to a couple

Suggested Uses for Red Marriage/Couple Candle

  • Increase Love In Relationships and is a symbol of the enduring bond of marriage. 
  • Retaining love, peace, harmony in a marriage or union
  • Getting your lover to propose
  • Increasing love in relationships
  • Maintaining a harmonious relationship
  • Bring Passion to relationship