Stainless Steel Triquetra Chalice

$ 25.50 $ 15.30

This generous chalice features a printed, two color image of the triquetra.  The original meaning or symbolism behind the triquetra is unknown, but over the years it has been associated with several different concepts and mythological figures in various religious and spiritual belief systems including the Triple Goddess and the union of Earth, Sea, and Sky.

Food grade stainless steel

--4.25" diameter / H= 7" 

The chalice or cup is one of the four elemental tools of witchcraft.  It is used to represent the feminine, mercurial principle of water and the womb of the Goddess.  The vessel is often filled with wine, but this is not a hard rule and many witches use water or juice during ritual.  The cup (representing the Goddess and feminine energy), along with the athame or ritual blade (representing the God or masculine energy), are used together to perform the Great Rite (in token ;p) .  The Rite is a symbolic reenactment of the union between those forces to honor and manifest creation.